What Does Online Defamation Do to a Business?

It’s not fun to say, but defamation has become much more prevalent since the advent of the internet age. Before the internet, you had to get defamation published to have any real effect, but now anyone can publish anything about a company or name anonymously, whether it’s true or not, making online defamation a grave issue for many companies.

But how does defamation harm your business? There’s no sense in spending time to deal with defamation if it’s only annoying and not affecting your business, but online defamation could be affecting you without you even knowing. Let’s learn more on what type of harm online defamation can do to a business.

What Exactly Does Online Defamation Do to a Business?

Messing with Potential Business

Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. If they go online to research your company and see that there are several negative reviews, they won’t take the time to determine if they’re true or not, they’ll just move to the next company. This can happen without you even knowing, but your business will be affected nonetheless. Review pages can and have been published without the actual institution’s knowledge so they must be looked out for.

Messing with Current Business

Defamation can mess with your current business. You may have steady customers drop by the way-side or usually active customers slowing down. You would hope your reputation speaks for you, but if it’s perceived as bad, even your regular customers might decide you’re a liability and leave.

Extra Work for You

Combating online defamation also takes plenty of time and energy that most business owners don’t have. You’d rather be focusing on important matters, but that becomes difficult when you must spend hours and even days refuting bad stories, contacting sites to remove spammy backlinks, and otherwise trying to repair your image. If that’s isn’t a drag on your business, we don’t know what is.

If you aren’t worried about potential business, current business, or wasting your time, you shouldn’t be worried about online defamation. Of course, these are factual issues that any person should be worried about. Consider hiring a defamation defense firm or online reputation management service if you want to be certain your online reputation is actively protected.

Author: Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp is Director of Digital Engagement for Altitude Agency, a boutique agency helping small businesses win with content online. As a digital strategist with a passion for technology and travel, she coaches her partners to connect with their audience through experience optimization, with the goal of retaining more loyal visitors, creating brand ambassadors, and increasing conversion goals. She can be found online writing for TripSavvy, TechNorms, and The Emmys. Past clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung.