Why a Bad Rep Online Can Be Devastating for Contractors

You’ve owned your small paving business for years. It hasn’t made you a millionaire it has kept a roof over your head and even sent your kids to college. Your business has a great reputation around town, and online reviews about your service are almost all positive.

One morning you notice that the phones are very quiet in your office. And the next day. You decide to check on your online presence and are surprised to learn that your company has been hit with several bad reviews. What’s this? You didn’t have any customers reporting problems; you didn’t even service many of these people that are leaving bad reviews, so what gives?

It looks like your reputation may be under attack. Let’s learn why a bad online reputation can be devastating to contractors, and what you can do about it.

Here’s Why a Bad Rep Online Can Be Devastating for Contractors

Customers Go Online

The large bulk of customers now starts their service shopping experience online. Potential customers look at your website, your reviews, and other online presence to get a feel for your company. If all they see is bad reviews or negative content, there’s no way you will be getting that business. If you have a bad rep online, you could be losing out on plenty of business.

Reviews Matter More to Contractors Comparatively

Reviews affect different types of businesses differently, but contractors are particularly affected. A person may look at a negative review for a restaurant and brush it off, what’s the worst that could happen, they get a bad meal? But not so in contracting – in contracting the worst-case scenario for a homeowner is someone leaving your home in shambles or creating new problems, so potential customers are much more selective when it comes to reviewing contracting services. If your reputation looks bad, there’s no way people will let you work on their home, property, or business.

Watching Your Online Reputation

What can you do to protect your online reputation? You must always make a regular habit to peruse yourself online as if you were a potential customer. Look at reviews and what people are saying about your company to be certain your reputation isn’t being tarnished.

The best thing you can do is use an online reputation management firm. Keeping your reputation positive online is their life’s work, and they can watch your site and name for anything out of the ordinary. By watching your online reputation and utilizing a reputation management service, you can keep up the image you’ve worked hard to build.

Author: Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp is Director of Digital Engagement for Altitude Agency, a boutique agency helping small businesses win with content online. As a digital strategist with a passion for technology and travel, she coaches her partners to connect with their audience through experience optimization, with the goal of retaining more loyal visitors, creating brand ambassadors, and increasing conversion goals. She can be found online writing for TripSavvy, TechNorms, and The Emmys. Past clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung.