Crisis Reputation Management

If you could see a crisis coming, there’d be no reason for crisis management or public relations task forces. That’s the fun about crises though; there’s not much you can do proactively from keeping them from happening.

Let’s look at an example. You hire a new guy for your siding business. He has great references and a clean background check, so you hire him. A month later you get a call from one of your customers; they caught your new guy breaking into their home. Shortly after that, you get another call from a customer saying they’re missing a valuable lawn sculpture. Just like that, you have a crisis on your hands.

Where to you turn to when you have a crisis that needs damaging? To Defamation Defense. Let’s review how Defamation Defense can help put the pieces back together during a reputation crisis.

More About Crisis Reputation Management

Defamation Defense will use several tools and resources to help solve a reputation crisis. Some of these tools include:

Reverse SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of boosting a website’s organic search rankings while reverse SEO is the practice of pushing certain search results down in search results, so they are less visible. There are a variety of techniques used to achieve reverse SEO.

Link Removal

You don’t want a hundred shocking news stories pointing to your website about the crisis. Defamation Defense will work to remove negative links from your site, so people see the side of your company that is representative of the truth.

Content Rollout

Crisis reputation management usually includes a rollout of fresh, positive content about your company. This is done so when people search for your company they are met with positive content and words on your company, not with your crisis.

Defamation Defense utilizes other strategies depending on the job at hand, but these three tools are the first line of reputation defense. If you’re looking at your crisis, it’s time to call on Defamation Defense. We’ll put our expert team of reputation experts on your case and make the crisis disappear. Before long the company will not remember the crisis at all, only that you own an outstanding local painting company. is America’s leader in crisis management for individuals who have suffered from PR Crisis.

  • CEOs & Business Leaders
  • Politicians
  • Doctors
  • Celebrities / Personalities
  • Sports Figures / Professional Athletes
  • Individuals provides crisis reputation management services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to repair your online reputation due to a disgruntled customer, or employee – can help.


  • De-Optimize (Reverse SEO) Negative Websites
  • Optimize Positive Content
  • Suppress Negative Content
  • Remove Defamatory Content
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