Reverse SEO

Let’s imagine a scenario. You have worked for ten years to build a positive reputation for your painting business. You get a regular amount of business from online leads, and you are happy with your pace. One week you notice that you have gotten fewer leads than you usually do, nothing wrong with that. Then it happens the next week and the next.

Your competitors seem to be getting plenty of work, so you check with your online marketing company to see what’s going. Uh-oh, it looks like your company isn’t on the first page of results anymore, or even the second. Your site has been penalized due to spammy links pointing to your website. You didn’t ask for those links, what’s going on?

More About Link Removal

Backlinks are a terrific way to build your company’s search rankings, but only if they are good backlinks. Let’s review the differences between useful links and bad links, and how Defamation Defense can help you lose the bad links through link removal.

Good Links and Bad Links

Helpful links are organically created links to your website from a website of high authority. For example, you post a piece of content about the correct way to choose a paint color and a local contractor resource shares that story with a link to your site, that’s a great link.

Bad backlinks are links coming from low-authority sites, foreign-language sites, link farms, link sharing networks, and other spammy areas. These are not good for the search experience and do not benefit the end-user and are considered bad links.

Bad links can come from a web service that doesn’t know what they’re doing, from a poor choice in hiring someone to develop links, or even from a competitor who wants to shut you out. When you have bad links pointing to your site, you want them gone.

Defamation Defense can help you remove unwanted, bad, or malicious links through manual disavow, outreach to search engines, and good old fashioned communication. It may not be possible to remove all bad links to your site, but the more that are removed, the better your rankings will be.

So, if you are having trouble with spammy links, malicious links or any other type of bad link don’t let your hard-earned reputation go to waste, call Defamation Defense. We have the tools and personnel necessary to remove unwanted links and get your site back to where it should be.

Author: Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp is Director of Digital Engagement for Altitude Agency, a boutique agency helping small businesses win with content online. As a digital strategist with a passion for technology and travel, she coaches her partners to connect with their audience through experience optimization, with the goal of retaining more loyal visitors, creating brand ambassadors, and increasing conversion goals. She can be found online writing for TripSavvy, TechNorms, and The Emmys. Past clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung.